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Light Stop

4.5 ( 2135 ratings )
Подорожі Ігри Аркади Сім’я
Розробник: B.C. Apps

Light Stop Game!

The game that you just can’t put down! It’s great to play with all of your friends in the room, or just kick back and show them who’s the best later!

How it works:
-4 Different Game Modes. (5 for iPad!)
-1-4 players for iPad!
-1-2 players for iPhones/iPods!
-A light will flash in a circle and you stop it when its time, easy right?
-Oh yeah and it goes faster and fast until you can barely wrap your mind around it!

It’s fun, its simple, and most of all you can go right now for Free!

*** Thank You! For putting us on the Top Charts! ***

Warning: The light flashes in a circle for as long as you are playing and may cause sickness or other symptoms. If you feel any of these please stop playing or take a break. We are here to have fun, and that just won’t be fun.

Thank You for your support and enjoy this B.C. App!